“Exploring the Civilization and Socio-Cultural Dynamics in the Malay World”

(Meneroka Peradaban dan Dinamika Sosial-Budaya di Alam Melayu)

Discussion Topics:

  1. Management of Cultural Heritage
  2. Archaeology and Civilization
  3. Manuscript: Narrative of Civilization in Present Context
  4. Gender, Ethnicity, and Multiculturalism in Media
  5. Literature and Language Dynamics in the Pandemic Era
  6. Post-Pandemic Humanism
  7. Religious Moderation in Thought and Practice
  8. Spice Route (Jalur Rempah) and Maritime Trade in the Archipelago


  1. Gathering scientists from various backgrounds of higher education institutions and research institutes with expertise in issues of Malay civilization and the archipelago.
  2. Presenting the results of the latest scientific studies in the fields of Archaeology, History, Language, and Culture in Malay land.
  3. To facilitate communication for scientists, lecturers, researchers, and observers of archaeological, historical, language, and cultural studies in Malay at the international level.

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